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Originally Posted by Isha.Bop View Post
i would change the fur shedding

no matter how much i brush, no matter how often i sweep, no matter how many rules i make (no kitchen/no couch/ no bed) every day i find a ball of fur in a corner somewhere ._. and every day a piece of fur will fly into my food (ugh)
Ain't that the truth... goodness. I just moved and before Titan even came to the house there was already his hair every where from just moving furniture in.. ugh.. I would change the shedding FOR SURE! haha

I would also change some little things:

-his tail chasing.. he's neurotic sometimes and it's obnoxious. MUCH better than when he was a puppy.. but still does it when he's anxious or excited.
-I would lower his prey drive a little. I wish he wasn't so obsessed with fetch. It's his crack and quite possibly the only thing he lives for. Haha. There's not a moment in time that he is not up for a game of fetch or not trying to get you to play with him.. so he is toy restricted, now..
-I would also change his manners on when we meet new people. Tries to rip my arm off to meet them and high pitch whines if I don't let him meet them (we are working on that, ha!)
-The final thing is, I would change his perspective on my BF. Dan has so much love ot give him and Titan wants none.. he doesn't like attention. Just fetch. It makes Dan sad when he isn't able to give Titan attention.


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