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Whoa. Totally understand how you feel. My chocolate lab passed away at 10 years old last February (2/9/2011) from prostate cancer too. I also got him when he was a puppy when I turned 18 and was going to college. I did everything with him -- hiking, car rides, you name it. He was my rock especially when a break up with an ex-bf happened. I completely understand. There are moments when I still tear up and am quite sensitive when certain friends of mine are a little careless with what they say (for example, I can't believe you are crying over a dog). Everytime I see a lab, specifically a chocolate lab, I get nostalgic and sad cause I miss him so much.

The one thing I was happy about is that towards the end I was working full-time and was able to financially afford all the care, vet visits, medication, and time that was needed to do take care of him without affecting his quality of life. I was a wreck trying to balance my selfishness of wanting him to stay with me and gauging how much pain he was in before making the decision. If I was in college and it had happened then...I probably would be in significant debt. I'm sure you did all that you could for him.

I spent a lot of time researching different breeds after deciding that I was ready for another one and recently decided to get a female GSD puppy. I avoided labs and any male dogs because I felt it would have made me subconciously want the new dog to be like my lab. So I now have a new love in my life but I will always never forget my first.

You are not alone!!
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