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Thanks. I do appreciate it. I'm also sorry for your loss as well. Like you, the wife and I have another dog who was about 2 yrs old when Moby passed away. Shes a Yorkie and although she is an awesome dog in her own right she just doesn't own that spot in my heart just yet the way Moby did. Before Moby passed he showed our Yorkie the ropes and where her place in the pack was and to this day she's not a typical little yappy Yorkie. We thank Moby for that.

I have to admit to myself that he lived a great life and that although he's gone he'll never be forgotten. There are so many GSDs that live terrible, chained up miserable existences. Not Moby. He was loved, cared for and wanted. So I do find some solace in knowing that I made his existence as pleasant as I could while he did the one thing he was put on this earth for, be there for me.

I hope you can maybe find comfort in that too.
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