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Thanks for the advice everyone - lots of excellent advice so far.

I'm changing one thing at a time to see what works.

Just wanted to let you know that today's tracking session went much better. I switched from random baited footsteps to random jackpots - which are much less frequent but much more food in each jackpot than when I did baited footsteps. First jackpot he platzed while eating it but after some reinforcement from me he quickly understood what the jackpots mean - eat them and keep tracking, it's not a place to pause like an article.

After it became clear he was much more focused, methodical, and slow (I used small pops on the dead ring - I usually use the live ring but will stop that also - and that slowed him down considerably). He downed at both articles but was searching every footstep in between and not really skipping any jackpots.

Actually, I lied about changing one thing at a time - I fed him last night. I usually do not feed the night before or the morning of tracking so maybe he was able to relax since he wasn't as hungry - I dont know. I'll have to try each of these individually to see.

As far as getting smaller articles - I will definitely try that next. Currently I use trial size articles.

That's it for now, thanks for the advice everyone!
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