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Originally Posted by BlackthornGSD View Post
She's got a very pleasing form--very tightly ligamented ("dry") and compact, with a very tight coat. Nice medium size and bone, tight coat, lovely head with good earset, a nice long neck, pleasing topline with a slight nick behind the withers--this shows up more bc of her tight coat and lean build. A little upright in the pasterns--goes with being tightly ligamented. I really like her front--nice angle of shoulder blade and upper arm, good length and lay of upper arm.

However, she could use more length of upper thigh to give her a bit more angulation in the rear. So, she's got a better shoulder than rear and this shows up in movement. The proportions may improve some as she matures over the next year or 18 months, but I think she's always going to be lacking somewhat in rear angulation for the show ring.

Because of her better front than rear, she "falls on the forehand" a bit in movement, meaning that she moves "butt high" and looks a bit like she's running downhill (her shoulders are lower than her hips) at the trot.

This is very common in the working lines--and I suspect she's got great agility and is very nimble on her feet.
wow. i love the technicality of this answer. bless you. if you get a chance can you find my Zeeva and do me the honor of critiquing her?
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