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Nikon @ 3.5 (movement vid)

Thanks to Jason for taking some clips of Nikon gaiting next to the bike in preparation for his AD. I've never really had the chance to see how my dogs move in slow-mo. Nikon's no Ding Haus Gero but I think we could do a lot worse What is amazing to me is how fast I can bike before he has to break out into a run. No wonder why dogs so often look really bad in the show ring when their handlers can't move them fast enough on a loose leash with enough flat space.

Recent stack and face shot thanks to Falon. I'm sort of obscuring the stack but this is one of my favorite stacked photos since she captured how Nikon looks to me when he stands naturally alert and also perfectly captured his usual expression. Nikon is 3.5 years, 71lbs, and regular height (I'm really not sure, probably 25").

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