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transport & stalking

My female has a really intense stalking behavior when we're just out exploring. I want to get this picture in the side and particularly rear transports. I watched someone began teaching it by pressing the dog firmly into their leg from the outside with their left hand in the basic position more or less while moving forward slowly. The reasoning being, when the dog is pushing firmly into you they know where you are and are still attentive though not with eye contact. The person said they weren't really sure why the pressure "triggered" the stalking behaviour, but that it did. I watched this person then take a dog and get a stalking rear transport within about 20 minutes with really impressive reliability considering it was 20 minutes of training.

Any thoughts on this or tricks/techniques to achieve? I tried once last week with my female.. the stalking came out, but the urge to leave me and engage the helper was still too great. That and of course she had no idea what I was asking for at this stage.

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