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I tried to crate train her, but as soon as i shut the door she goes crazy and tries to claw her self out of it and yelps.

She has been normally good as far as doing her business outside. We first got her 4/7/12 and she went to the door and cried, I took her on the leash and she did her business outside. She is normally good during the day when some one is home( and we restrict her access to other rooms of the house.)

The vet told me she can hold her blatter for 4 hours ( 3mo + 1 hr) so i expect to have some accidents when i come home from work. As you can see below I have a routine i walk her. She typically makes messes in the morning ( or late night after sleep) and when i come home work. I estimate thats at the max of her holding ability.

I use some puppy spray cleaner thats susposto clean up the "smell" every time I clean up after her. As per sleeping goes, she sleeps on the floor by our bed. She started sleeping on the floor by her self, i felt bad and put a thick blanket on the floor and now thats her spot.

Another thing is shes eating her own doody! Once day in the morning I smelt fresh well ya know what i mean, and i looked all around the house to clean it up. Finally with my flashlight i seen a small residue and i cleaned up and smelt her breath. I was like WOW im not getting kisses from her anymore..

I have a vet checkup next week, and they are going to give me some chewys that will stop her from eating her own stuff.

We do crate train out chiauaua, hes an older dog but the 2 of them get along great. Actually where ever he does his business the GSD holly has to sniff and be near him.
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