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-What is your experience with pursuing a BH?

I haven't really pursued a BH. I pursued a SchH1 (and am pursing higher SDA titles and possibly more SchH) with Nikon and am pursuing an IPO3 with Pan. The BH is just something we do once we're ready and have time to go to a trial.

-Without a trainer to start bitework with now, what is your experience with starting down the road, even if it is in a year, or two years, or three (depending on if/where/when I move)

A lot of dogs intentionally bred and purchased for SchH don't start bitework until 1-2 years old. Pan didn't seriously start until he was 17 months and even now we are just doing it as we can with the club once or twice a month since he's still maturing.

-What else can I do with Kaiser, even though he doesn't have papers?

Anything but conformation, really. AKC and UKC both have alternate registrations for spayed/neutered unpapered dogs. There are also other organizations that just don't care (U-fli for flyball, CPE for agility, APDT for rally...there are tons these are just the ones I've signed up for so far).

-What else do you do with your schutzhund dog (ie, tricks, training, sports) and how do your training methods differ (if at all)

I do flyball, agility, lots of regular obedience and silly tricks, SDA (obedience is very similar but protection is different), lure coursing, conformation, and dock diving with my Schutzhund dogs. Of course the training is tailored to the venue but my overall philosophies and tools don't change.
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