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Cody at 26 months

Hi all,

"Niko is a Monster" thread inspired me to see what everyone thinks of Cody.

Cody is 26 months old, nuetered and weighs 98-100 pounds. He eats 3.5-4 cups of TOTW a day. He currently he gets an hour of fetch and a 30 min jog or brisk walk each day. In the summer he gets a fair amount more exercise since it's nice, he can swim, I feel like being outside longer in fairness to myself, he's in our "least active season" right now. anyhow here he is.

I also added 2 of Mandi. One is her infamous double paw/sit pretty/you better not stop petting me pose.

thanks for you thoughts

A tired puppy is a good puppy

CODY - Sable GSD Born 11/15/09
MANDI - GSD/Husky/Lab Mix Born 6/3/06

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