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Originally Posted by Warrior09 View Post
@ Lucky dog, He isn't overweight. I had him weighted at the vet the other day and he weights 70lbs. I asked if he was overweight and he isn't considering he is very tall like Whiteshepherd say he is leggy. The vet averaged him to be around 110 to 115lbs by 2years old.
Actually I didn't say he was leggy , I said his legs looked sturdy. (as in nice bone, not too skinny, not overly long and lanky for his age) But, I don't think he looks heavy either. Looks like he's got a nice thick coat, that can add a few pounds in a picture. Can you feel his ribs?

(BTW, I just sent a picture of our male to his breeder yesterday asking if she thought he'd gotten too heavy. I'm no expert on conformation that's for sure.)
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