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Snap snap, chomp chomp!!! Your thoughts on raising a working dog.

If anyone has followed. I have a 14 week old male GSD. He is a blend of Czech working line and American show line. He physique and drive lean more toward working than anything else. I am no expert when it comes to GSDs. I am having him evaluated for PSA/Schutzhund work today. When we bought him the breeder even said he was geared toward “work” and he was going to be a handful, so we were aware of that.

Here is where it gets tricky. We had been putting too much pressure on him and we started seeing a negative effect. In the last week we stopped all correction and he has really turned it around. He is full of life again, bouncing, playing, serious drive, and confidence, but it’s like living with a dang snapping turtle! I understand the concept of not correcting for biting and +R for good behavior but my wife and daughter are not happy and are questioning this method. When he is with me it is more work oriented and I can redirect his drive. Granted he still gets me every now and then when we are roughhousing but for the most part I can stay one step ahead of him. My family on the other hand want to be a little more lovey-dovey and they are catching the brunt of his mouthiness. Well heck, as you all know if you sit cross-legged on the floor in shorts and no shoes on your asking for it. My wife is still very supportive and being open minded but I understand her concerns. I just wish I had some answers for her. Will this subside with training? When do we introduce pressure and correction? Hopefully tonight’s visit will get some questions answered and quench some of her concerns.

Oh and before anyone chimes in on obedience. We work on obedience three times a day for about 10-15 min and he does well. He’s just a snappy little buggar….


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