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At what point are you seeing genuine adult traits?

This post was inspired by another I saw tonight...

My pup is six months old. I realize we have adolescence to go through yet and I expect him to buck the system as adolescents do... but at six months, how many of their true, adult traits are present?

I know my question is kind of vague, but I'm hoping someone can run with it anyway. Basically, at six months, are you seeing a small picture of what you'll have at a year, two years, five years? I'm trying to think back on the raising of my other dogs, and for them, one of mine at six months was what she proved to be... the other did change a lot and became a lot more independent.

My true, deep concern and fear is that Bailey will quit acting like his mom, (the WGSD) and begin to act like his dad (the Husky mix.) What are the odds of a personality switch like that?
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