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Schutzhund for the newbie/Schutzhund in NJ

For anyone who hasn't seen my other thread about my new dog research, I am not a beginner dog owner however I do not have a dog at the moment and won't for almost another year. I am doing a LOT of research so I am not positive on what I will be getting but I would like to learn some more about this sport. I read one book on the sport so far. I can not remember the name but it is a hard cover book with a mostly light blue cover. On the cover is an A-frame with I believe a German Shepherd on it.

Anyways, is there anyone here that casually works in Schutzhund? Is that even possible? To dabble in the sport with your dog? Or is this a full fledged commitment? I don't believe I have the time I believe you would need to invest to seriously compete and be competitive. On the other hand, I don't even know what that consists of. I don't know how far I'd have to travel to a club or if there is one in my area. Which leads to my next question.

Does anyone from New Jersey belong to a club? Is it in our state? If not, how far do you travel and how serious are you in the sport?

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