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Soft Serve Poo

For the past week Rocky has had poos that fluctuate between solid, but soft poop in the morning (5:30am), chocolate soft serve-pudding by the afternoon(2pm), more soft serve by the evening(6pm) and at the last outing(10ish pm) it can be anywhere from soft-serve to liquid poo. He hasnt had any vomiting, no change in eating habits, no change in activity level. So other than the funky poo he seems completely normal.

We did do a food change, only because the 4 stores I went to were completely out of his Blue Buffalo LBP, and the woman at the last pet store(Petco) said he would be okay to eat some of our other dog's Blue Buffalo Life Protection Adult food. When he started that...instant pudding within 2 days I went back to get him his food once it had finally come in. Could this possibly be from the terribly executed food switch? He's been back on LBP for 4 days now...and his poop is how i described above.

I do feed him 1.5 cups 2X a day, per the feeding chart on the bag.

Any thoughts?

The only other things he consumes are Pet Botanics training rewards, and some rolled pork stuffed rawhide type things I picked up at the commissary.

I am taking him to the vet on Fri(my only day off, but im looking for a little piece of mind before then.)

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