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She has great color, a good black mask, nice black saddle and a good red.

Ears are a nice size -- I like big ears. They are set a little wide and not quite straight but that can just be the timing of the photo -- ears are so expressive.

The face is pretty and feminine. Good stop, long muzzle, nice eye though maybe a little light.

Coat is a nice plush, good length in my opinion. Love the hair on the butt giving a bit of an attitude.

I like the shoulder the arm, and the pasterns. I think the feet look good but it is hard to see.

I think for a young bitch the depth of the chest looks ok, I think that as she matures if she gains a little weight, that would look even better, in my opinion. Though hard to see in the photo, if the chest goes down to the end of that shag, maybe ok as is.

She could use a gentle sloping to her back. I think the hind leg is a bit long, and to see any angles one would have to seriously stretch her out when stacking and that would not look good.

Over all a very pretty girl.

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