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Originally Posted by doggiedad View Post
i agree with you except for for the part about training just to do it and a lifestyle. if the OP wants to train in SAR just for fun what harm does it do
to the OP or the dog??? i can totally see where having a dog trained
in SAR is just fun to have.
SAR is not for fun and games. SAR is to find a lost person and can be life or death. SAR could be a dog specifically trained to find dead bodies.

SAR teams are not going to allow someone to train for kicks and giggles. They aren't going to waste their time with someone that isn't serious because when the call comes for their team, such as in Joplin MO, the people that have spent their time training better be serious.

Personally, I don't think I could ever do SAR. I think, like paramedics, you have a special kind of person who can mentally prepare themselves to find the worst while still hoping and working for the best possible outcome. Those people need to be commended on what they do and the time they take out of their lives to do it. I think they are all volunteers??
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