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Originally Posted by robinhuerta View Post
The elbow should lay close to the dog's brisket your can actually "see" the elbow joint, and the leg is slightly turned outward.
As for the rear hock area...your dog has very little rear angulation, so the long hocks will not look very perpendicular to the ground anyway.....but you can help the rear by placing that outer leg "straighter" in line with the front...instead of slightly placed outward away from the rear body.
*Maris.....nice dog.....but he can have his rear hock area look better too.
In the first picture, his hock turns inward (towards the body)...that gives an appearance of being "close in the rear or hocky"....and not always is that true.
Thank you

and yes I know unfortunately that stack the rear does look a little hocky and I pulled that rear leg a little too far back. Thats the best one that turned out that day tho lol

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