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Question 26 wks of training over , now what?

I'm not sure if I put this in the right section.

Sasha has been to basic training last year. Behavior/obedience basic over Christmas and now we just finished Off leash training with an independent, private trainer.

The trainer asked me (which I thought was weird) what I wanted to do now.
I brought Sasha there to help with her aggression, but he thinks she just needs to stay busy.
He asked me if I wanted to start the group classes, but I am still not confident she can handle that stress yet plus I don't think I can keep her that calm near a lot of dogs.

So he told me to let him know what I want to do know, protection, more training etc... I need to decide soon so I don't miss my slot since he is so booked up.

Is this weird? I mean, he is the trainer and I felt like he should guide me or access Sasha for her new lessons.
I told him my ultimate goal is to do agility training with her (just for fun in my yard not for competition)
What do you guys do after 26 wks of training? should I keep reinforcing the basic training for a while or what?

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