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Originally Posted by jocoyn View Post
Dogs don't get depressed about finding dead people; people do and the dogs sense their handler's emotion. I imagine a disaster scene is stressful in and of itself.

My dog is very very energized after a weeklong cadaver seminar ( he is a cadaver dog - single purpose) and has never expressed other than extreme excitement upon encountering a large amount of human scent such as a whole body.

I would think the PTSD would be from the constant noise and human emotions....not from the dead bodies.

Some dogs are aversive to Human Remains - those dogs should not be cadaver dogs. And the people have to be able to handle it too. It has not been the few dead people I have seen that has depressed me; it has been being within earshot when a family member finds out and feeling their pain. THAT is when it hits me in the gut. A dead body is just a dead body.
Thank you for informing us about that. So interesting SAR...

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