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Thank You


I wish I had found this site in June when I had to let Enschi go, it's so nice to see people that loved her like I did. Thank you so much for allowing me the amazing privilege of being Enschi's final guardian. She touched my life in so many ways and was such a joy to have around. I cried for days and days after I put her down and even just thinking of her all these months later brings tears to my eyes. I had never before met a dog as special as she was and I doubt I ever will. She was the reason I rushed home from work every day, the friend that cracked me up day and night, the reason I had a kiddie pool in my yard even though I don't have kids . Every single person that met her instantly fell in love with her, and even my cats miss her - my house is just not the same without her. Cheers to Janice for doing an amazing job training her, and cheers to you for all your hard work to make her final years the best they could be and for all the encouragement and advice you gave me. You and Enschi will forever be an amazing gift in my heart, and I hope I get to see her again someday.

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