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Originally Posted by jakeandrenee View Post
I just signed Jake up for a foundations class, we start Jan 15. I am soooooo nervous he is going to be a nut the first few times! I take him everywhere BUT I have a feeling the silly butthead stage will be front and center.
Anything I can do NOW??
LOVE and appreciate the silly butthead stage cause it's SO much better than a fearful or tentative dog! You'll just be learning (as he's maturing) to focus all that crazy in a good way!

If you watch my youtubes of Glory in her early class days... she totally leaves me to crash into the camera person to say hey.... and the instructor to say hey, and other dogs to say hey.... it's all fine when it's happy and fun and you can work to get your pup right back.

Getting a good start on clicker training is always a plus. Even just 'charging' the clicker and having our pups learn that when they hear the sound, the treat is coming!

Figuring out the best treats and getting them pea-sized for training (cheese/chicken/beef/hotdogs/whatever (NOT usually 'real' dog treats).

Weather in the winter does make going to classes and training more of a challenge. Hey, have you seen the videos on perch training? That you can do indoors and uses the clicker/treats/and getting our dogs to learn rear end awarenes...


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