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Teach her to go to a mat and stay there. We've been working on the dogs not mauling me as I walk in the door! Both of them have had some mat work in the past, which has been helpful to train this, and my husband has been working with me. Here's a little video of our second day of training:

That was a couple of weeks ago, and this week my hubby was not near the door to assist, but I was able to back the dogs up by myself and to down them on the mat while I put my things down, and then I released them to greet me.

In the early stages of training you should probably put her on leash so it's easy to return her to the mat. In the first mat session with Halo I taught her to go to the mat and lay down on it in about 10 minutes with clicker training. At first I cued the down, but then I rewarded her with a much higher value treat when she did, so it didn't take her long to figure out that she got a click and a piece of kibble for stepping onto the mat, but a click and something way better for laying down on it.

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