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6 Month and I Miss You


You left us in November of last year and it has taken me more than 6 months to finally write a proper farewell as my mind is filled with memories of love and smiles. I only wish I had noticed the symptoms sooner so we could have removed the tumor (why did it have to be there?) I wish now I had done more. But hind sight is always 20/20 isn't it? I remember coming home that day and crying that I wanted you back.

What you loved: walks, car rides, walks, car rides, toys, snow, balls, grandma and grandpa.

Your favorite toys: the thirty versions of the squeaky duck and the twenty eight hedgehogs.

Favorite memories: You sleeping under the bed at 12 weeks old with only your belly and tail sticking straight out and up. You wearing two coke cups on your feet filled with coke when you jumped into the front seat all excited and somehow landed on the cupholders (the coke cleanup took a while). You playing in 10 inches of snow in Las Vegas thinking we were back in Idaho.

What I will miss: Those soft brown eyes that could melt my heart, stroking the silky long fur on you chest, the smell of your fur on your head, the gentle lick of my arm when you lay next to me. your greeting when you were in the car too to pick me up at work or from the airport, your gentle side.You.

Bink, there will always be a piece of my heart that belongs to you and no one else. It is something you took with you to the Rainbow Bridge last year. I spent months working through the guilt and grief after you were gone. It still comes and goes. But we humans are good at that aren't we?

You kissed me in your last hour. You lay in my arms and went to sleep knowing nothing more than I was holding you. Not knowing the journey you would be taking. I promised long ago that I would never let you suffer and be in pain so I hope that as you wait there on the other side, you know that I wish I could have been that much better and done that much more for you.

This week your new little "fur-sibling" will be born. I did not think I would have the heart to do it again. I hope you don't mind but the house has been so quiet since you left.

Just know that you are one of a kind Bink and that I love you always my little puppadoh. You were my soul dog and no one else will ever have that spot.

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