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US Military Puppy Program

So the US Military has their own breeding program which kind of worries me.

I am not sure if they realize that one litter can be extremely strong while another litter is just average to weak. I don't know if it will pay off and what happens to all those dogs that don't qualify?

How many litters do they produce? What happens in the meantime? A puppy needs to be raised in a social environment? Can they find foster homes for all those puppies they want to raise?

How much does it cost? Is it worth it? Does it pay off or is it more expensive than going off and buying dogs from breeders?

I understand their misery but breeding dogs isn't all that simple and I really hope they know what they are doing.

Especially since in Grafenwoehr they requested to injure animals to let their medics work on living creatures and create an somewhat real simulations. That caused an outrage and of course their request was denied. But it makes me think... what if they can't find homes for all the dogs they produce? What if some of them end up on a training field, injured, as a test object for a medic?

In Grafenwoehr they wanted to use Goats and Pigs... it was denied over here, but do we know if they don't do it already in the States?

What ya'll think about that?
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