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Here in FL SDITs are allowed in no pets locations if they are actually being trained at that time and not just being taken from place to place.

There is no "general" SD either by Federal or any State laws.

shouldn't a "certified" service dog already know how to retrieve?
Not all SDs are certified. Certification is not legally required as there are no national certification requirements. Training facilities can place a certification on their own dogs which means that this particular dog, trained by this facility, passed their in-house requirements.

As to retrieving, not all SDs have a need to retrieve items and so not all are trained to do so. If a hard of hearing person taught their dog to retrieve then that is not a required trained task for that particular disability. A dog who alerts to an oncoming seizure and then responds in some trained way does not always need to learn to retrieve. On the other hand, the vast majority of SDs are taught to retrieve but I did want to clarify this point that retrieving is not a requirement.

I have a friend, a former LEO, who was doing the same thing.
Well I know individual LEOs who speed or drive while over the legal limit of alcohol. All against the law also.

I've read of people who put a vest on their dog so the dog can fly in the cabin with them, also.
Yes, there are dishonest people with no regard for the law in all walks of life.

And as has been stated neither the SD nor the SDIT have access rights. The owner/handler or trainer are the ones who have access rights - the former as a disabled person and the latter as one training the dog for a disabled person. And it is correct, not all states give access rights with a SDIT to trainers or a SD that is undergoing refresher or advanced work with a trainer.

And as to the person under discussion being here in FL, well to put in nicely there are a lot of scam artists located here - both indidviduals and training centers.

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