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This sounds exactly like Nikon. Nikon did not want to come back to me at first, his idea of a reward was to possess the ball and he was half-assed interested in actually tugging. I hated using a line b/c it always tangled, didn't really change his desire to come back. Two things worked for us: 1) I started using two balls, so the one I had suddenly became way more exciting than the one he fetched and 2) at some age it was like a lightbulb went off and he was far, far more interested in tugging than just having the ball. Now he will come back and if he's not quite within reach he will actually place the end of the string on my hand and look at me like "C'mon! TUG IT!" I think once he decided that tugging was fun, he understood that it takes two to tug. Now he's all about me and the toy. He's ripped the strings out of so many toys, I have them all over the house and yard, but the second I move towards the box where I keep the stringed ones, he spits the ones he has and comes charging over to me.

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