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GSD questions.

So I am new to the hole GSD breed but have always read alot about them. I have had my 3 year old for about 1 week now and have a couple questions. Lately she has been pacing the permeter of the yard. I had to block a few spots where she found she could escape into the 3 acre field next door. She cant get out since its all blocked off but still I want her to understand that the back yard is only where she is allowed to go without me being with her. since she still is going back to the original spot to try and get through it. Also how long will it take her to have confidence back. Every time i go to do somthing or pick somthing up she will go into a submissive state and trott away. Eventually coming back to me and see what i was doing or just to say hi. Also she doesnt play fetch that well. She will run after the toy but sniff it and then come right back to me or just do a half circle and find somthing else to do. On a high note she is awsome with my 2 kids that are 2 and 6months old. Any advice would be awsome. Thanks a ton.

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