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Re: me without steroids

Originally Posted By: Fluffypants It really bothers me, but the hematoma surgery is between $600 & $700.
Wow. I see some country vets where I live and it cost $200 dollars for my dogs hematoma and that included six weeks of follow up care where they changed the bandages, medication, and the cone. The only down side was that this office didn't take appointments. It was walk in so you had to wait a long time. But the vets are knowledgable, and the prices are GREAT!

My dog is suffering from severe allergies complete with secondary bacterial infections and yeast issues. I use the anti-yeast shampoo, I condition, I use apple cider vinegar topically and orally, I use fish oil, ester C, wash the bedding in non-chemical soap, he's on prednisone and it's still not getting better.

He's had a complete bloodwork up and skin scraping. Nothing.

I'm at my wits end.

There were some other supplements in this thread that I haven't tried so I will try those and see if it works.

My poor doggie.
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