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Re: Tracking, snow and younger dogs

Originally Posted By: AmaruqI want to track them as much as I can in the winter but I also know some dogs can get too used to the snow and start relying on seeing the track and have issues when the snow is gone.
I'm sure this can become a problem with some dogs, but it's pretty rare. 2 reasons.

One, while a standing human can easily see the footprints, they're not nearly as obvious to a dog whose eyes are less than a foot off the ground. Lay a track, bend down to dog eye level and you'll see that it's not nearly as obvious as we might think.

Second, as a dog's primary sense that they use to relate to the world is smell, and it's the one they're most comfortable using and prefer to use, so long as the nose still works they're not going to choose to follow their eyes over their nose. A hard thing for people to comprehend since smell is one of our weakest senses and sight is by far the one we're most dependent on. But not so for a dog, so even if they can see it a bit, it isn't going to influence their tracking that much. If the dog really were inclined to eyesight the track, the thousands of dogs all over the world trained tracking in dirt because it's more readily available than grass would be sighting the track too. But they don't.

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