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Re: Raising the Working puppy

Jane, you gotta hand it to Chris, she produces some aweful nice pups, huh? Lana NEVER to this day chewed on anything inappropriate. I didn't even have to work at it, it was like she just knew.

I also used a harness for the first couple of months, didn't introduce the prong collar until around the 5th month I think, and even then it was all Lana correcting herself on walks and such.

I second the "trade" toys rather than making the pup "out" it.

Another thing I forgot to mention was not to set your pup up for failure. When teaching the recall, it is best to do it on a long line until the pup knows what it means. When you give the "here" command, the pup has to come to you no matter what. Pups are scatter-brained and something is going to get their attention on the way back to you. Have a long line on so you can guide the pup back to you, then big reward like a tasty treat when he gets there. It is ALWAYS positive when the pup comes to you. ALWAYS. Don't ever use the "here" command when there is even the slightest chance the pup might not comply. You can have a different "come" command, but the "here" command should always be reinforced.

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