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Re: Gia's first attempts at Christmas pics


It is odd...but I assure you her hair is longer than both of my other girls. It is definately longer on her mane and britches and her feather duster tail! She is starting to have some fringes on her feet as well. However, it is not overly long. It is no where near as long as Betty's Taser. The funniest thing is that she has started hackling (ok I know that in and of itself is not really funny, but....) and it looks like a mohawk, it really stands up there!

Thanks for the compliments. Duchess is a really sweet girl, but she definately has her issues. She does have eyebrow wrinkles ! She is also very soft and gentle with her big slow kisses, well until her overly long tail knocks your legs right out from under you! She really is a sweetheart and while I do think there is some mental damage from when she was poisoned, she really wants to do everything she can to please her people. By the way, her people are ALL people and she is not aloof to anyone or anything LOLOLOLOLOLOL


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