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Re: me without steroids

Glad to hear there is another like me! LOL Just kidding. I feel like I've done it all and at times feel like there is no hope. The skin testing and blood work (all done at the same time) was for inhallant... no food was ever done by the derm. I actually had my regular vet draw the blood and I sent the sample to VARL for the food test just this past October.

Sorry... never answered the pork question... must have gotten carried away. Well, I have fed pork when I fed raw and I never noticed any crazy reaction. I suppose I could give it a try, but I've never had a flea issue with any of my pets... never have even seen one. Although I'm sure if Niko was to be bit by one... it will cause him to be very itchy.

Maybe I should give it a try.

I've had a very difficult time figuring out what is making him so itchy... I can never pin point if it's food. I'm starting to think it's not because he is itchy all the time.

Thank you!!

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