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Is Fighting Drive Necessary ?

This was translated from part of an article written in 1978. The author was discussing Breed Surveys in Germany. Who the author is might surprise some people but it is interesting that these comments were made over 30 years ago. Some people who do SchH now have no idea there was ever points awarded for fight drive .
Quote: Soundness of character in the dogs must be fundamental to us. It deals with the feeling of particular strength that the dog has and in the flight instinct of a sound dog, a flight instinct that is either only slightly developed or controlled by the brain i.e. kept in check. These dogs are not intimidated by the optical or acoustical stimuli of every day living. Their behavior toward their environment is friendly and trustful but they can display intrepidness e.g. when the assailant is in earnest. They demonstrate the ability to distinguish between apparent and actual danger. They are also aggressive when a clear threat presents itself. We call this desired sharpness as we wish to use the idea of sharpness conditionally.
These are the principles upon which the practical work of the SV is based. We have preserved over the AZG the inclusion of points for fighting drive in tests. The reason being that in judging it often turns out that the total points in SchH trials give hardly any conclusions as to the most important portion of the temperament test: fighting drive. This because a larger portion of the training exercises, ( e.g. searching the blinds, find and bark, the transport), present no great demands on fighting drive. A dog lacking in fighting drive often works here faultlessly. On the other hand, a hard, driving dog often looses points thru re-bites etc, and in the end result stands no better and often worse than a dog with little fighting drive and built up obedience. This was the reason for the inclusion of points for fighting drive. It should be a rule that a dog with otherwise similar scores in the overall rating yet lacking in fighting drive should place where he belongs, namely after the dog with fighting drive and the dog who sometimes performs without the same obedience.
This is because even the not quite sound dog is easier to train in obedience than the harder dog who is often very difficult to handle.
Here is the question and then I will tell you who the author is. Do we need dogs with fight drive nowadays? If we do, why? What purpose does it serve?
If we don't, why?
Do you think by removing the points for fighting drive we have brought about the demise of working temperament in the GSD?
Lastly, if this was the opinion of the leadership of the SV in 1978, why do you think they removed the point system for fighting drive and does anyone know what the that was given? I forgot.

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