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Gear bag?

Does anyone keep training gear in a duffel? I keep all my dog stuff in my dog van and most of it is kept stored in these crates that are afixed to the tops of the kennels in the van (besides SchH/training gear I keep some things for our club like large binders, walkee-talkees, and also all my show stuff which is lots of grooming stuff, show collars and show leads, plus all my extra dog bedding, camp chairs, tracking flags, med kit, etc). However there are some supplies that I need to keep in something more "portable" because I take it into the house to train in the yard, or might drive somewhere to train and need to hike a ways away from the van. Right now I just use one of those canvas totes. I'm thinking of asking for a gear duffel for Christmas but was wondering if anyone else uses something like this? It would be for a few balls and tugs, prong collar, tabs, a few leashes.

Something like this?

I'm an organization freak, I swear all this dog/Schutzhund stuff is going to be the death of me!
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