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Re: Thought I'd Give an update on Riddick...

Kelly - Yep, it was a very hard situation in the beginning, we have been through H E double Hockey sticks with him and back, but it is so worth it! And Rogue is not all that understanding, ha ha, she is so rowdy and rough she has become a bit protective of him though, as if she needs to guard a 118lb GSD, ha!

Sarah - Riddick had so much fun at that meet, while he could just merely be a bystander and watch all the running going on I am glad he had the energy to walk about all day long, I am so surprised at his new energy level with this Raw diet, very impressed with it so far, I hope it continues to go more good for him. I actually gave Riddick a Raw Meaty Bison bone the other day and so far that was the only thing that made his poo 'mushy', but no explosions so far, fingers crossed, it did really whiten his teeth up though!

Natalie - Thanks for the tip, I did get them by the vile, but seeing how I can't inject him myself the therapist is holding them and she will just do it, And to think I thought I could be a vet once, ha! No way!

Kris - Thanks! I know, I was so amazed at the energy he seems to be having, this food is full of surprises for us, it is like he just woke up out of a sleep or something, such a difference I see in him. Constantly wanting to go go go and keep up with Rogue, but his butt end can't keep up with him all in due time I tell him! I can't believe your sheltie mix is going to be 18! WOW! I really hope mine reach that age, that is wonderful!

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