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Re: Thought I'd Give an update on Riddick...

What a great mom you are! The adequan can provide miraculous results in some dogs. I hope Riddick is one of them! Since they say they're more effective given in the muscle, I don't think I could do those shots either. I've done under the skin shots, but that's much easier.

27 minutes on the treadmill is tremendous! Max was only able to do about 17 minutes, but he was nearly 12 by then and his back was really bad. The acupuncture treatments kept him going for about 18 months after he had a bad incident with his back.

I have a sheltie/keeshond mix who will be 18 Saturday and I just started her on the prepared raw. She loves it and I swear she has more energy than she did. We're sticking with it!

Great job with your boy!!

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