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Mas Started Chiro Treatments!

A couple of weeks ago we got in to see the local chiropractor who is very well known and respected in this area. A while back I spoke with his vet as the accupunture no longer seemed to offering my boy the relief it once had. So we decided to give chiro a shot and I must say that I am happy to report and see that he is responding well.

Mas has had 2 treatments and goes in for another one on Saturday. During the second trip, Dr. Chiro said that she felt increased flexability in the L 6-7 area. This was good to hear but the topper was when we came home and I saw Mas do this:

I realized then that he had not been able to shift his leg over his head like this for some time now. This was huge for me to see him do this and generally seem like he is more comfortable!

ps: sorry if the photo is a little graphic and possibly offensive to some

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