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Re: GSD won't go up or down stairs in house

To make Tripp climb up the stairs .....

1.At meal time,take his food and climb up the stairs and keep calling/encouraging him to follow you......he will try climbing the first step with his front legs on the step while his hind legs firmly on the ground.(that's how it was with my girl)

2.Once you are upstairs,disappear with his bowl of food and wait for few minutes.....and then appear again with his food and call/encourage him to climb up.

3.After few minutes......(this is important) come down the stairs,lift him and climb the stairs,keeping him as close as possible to the stairs...occasionally his legs touching the are just simulating the experience of climbing the stairs ......and give his meal.

4.Leave him down at 2 steps from the top and gently push/pull him to climb the remaining steps

do this often and he'll figure out that climbing the stairs means food n fun .

once he's learned climbing up......start teaching climbing down.

1.lead him upstairs (by now he must climb the stairs at ease)with toys,treats and play,feed him.....just basically have fun upstairs....gently interrupt the play/feeding and go down stairs while encouraging him to follow you.....he'll keep staring at you for your help.....(In his mind he'll sort of feel like "if only i could go down stairs,i could continue the play" ).

2.Now that you are down stairs while Tripp is still upstairs looking for your help or just trying to figure out how to get down......Place the toys,treats that you were playing with him on floor visible to Tripp.....go away for a minute and come back,call him him for a play.....

3.after doing the calling thing 3-4 go upstairs,lift him and bring him down....while keeping his body as close as possible to stairs......

4.(this is important).....Leave him at 1 step to the floor the first time......the next day.....leave him at 2 steps from the floor......he'll probably jump from there.......but gradually increase the height from where you leave him.

With patience and pain in your back (lol)'ll succeed !
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