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Re: 10 week puppy

I don't know what others think, but at 10 weeks its still early to determine based on the temperaments and health. First of all, it really depends on the hips and elbows. I would wait until he's old enough to take a prelim Hip and Elbow X-ray before determining if SchH is ok.

But, its never too eary to start your GSD on the right path. I too have a puppy who's 16 weeks old now and starting at 8 weeks, the following day he came home, we started playing tugs, focusing, light running around, and hiding goody treats so he can find them. Most of the things in schH can be done or practice at very early age but one needs patience (reminding myself.. LOL). Besides agilities and attack/protection works, all other can be trained as a game at young age.

Socializing, both humans and dogs are a must as well to get the puppy used to being around spectators and dogs of different types around him.

I might add that when the puppy starts to bark, DO NOT scold him. This is because there you do want him to bark. But instead, encourage for rightful barking and ignoring barks to get your attention.

Good luck..

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