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RIP Ranger

***PLEASE READ - pick up truck window warning***

Jen from MI who goes by the screen name Saddlebred16 on another forum, has granted permission for me to post the tribute to her wonderful boy, UCD Ranger, BH, SD, CGC, TDI 11/21/04-8/7/09.

Ranger and a friend named Cassidy were in Jen's pick up truck when she went into get a lunch order. The back sliding window of the pick up was open. The dogs were in their crates. When she came out someone had closed the sliding window and the dogs had died from the heat. Please, in their honor, honor your pets and the pets of everyone you know by getting the word out --- the sliding window on a pick up can be closed by anyone (doing harm or thinking they are being helpful) and the pet will die. PLEASE do not rely on this to keep your pets cool. Put something in place so no one can close that window on you if it is your means of keeping your dog cool.

Here's Ranger's story from Jen's own words and pictures......[cross posted with permission]


We've been through more together than most will ever know. You were always my rock, my protector and my friend. You were the dog that I truly needed and you were always a good boy. Mommy misses you big guy. I suspect that Dad and Joe will be there waiting for you, but since you never met them,. look for Grandpa. He'll show you the way. You changed so many lives and opinions while you were here. Your heart was bigger than anyone could have imagined. You were and always will be perfect to me and those that met you. It was impossible to meet you and not love you. So go where you are needed for now, silly boy. Mommy will be o.k. You taught me well. I'll be there with you again Range. Have fun and collect a big pile of sticks. We'll play with them all when I see you again. Mommy promises.

I love you and I will never forget you.


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