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Re: How to train for the (USA) ring

That's our problem, I'm going to have to handle. I don't know anyone that handles and call me crazy but I'm not showing up and handing my dog over to someone I've never met, relying on someone elses word that this person is good. I've met too many supposedly good people in schh that I don't want my dog anywhere near and I can't imagine the ring is any different.

If I know my dog I will not need a second handler because he'll be "up" from all the stimulation. I know it will be an environment like one he's never been in before.

I guess the bright side of not knowing anyone in our area to handle is that I've been told most dogs there will have had minimal ring training and it will be a bit circus like. So we won't be the only ones out there looking like idiots.

The German Shepherd's faults are faults of education not nature, for if someone worked with him he would be blissfully happy and most obedient of all dogs. - Max von Stephanitz
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