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Re: How far do your Area dogs range?

Usually if there is a place that Kaio gets stuck on scent he will come and get me and "herd" me in the direction to the place where he lost scent or is having a hard time, he is typically gone for up to 15-20 minutes depending on the problem. It's almost like he is doing his own hasty search. If he doesn't have scent he returns to me in 5-10 minutes and will stay nearer until he has scent, then he's gone again. He has not crittered yet, we train in the riverbed and on ranches where animals are a constant. I have had lookout's before who were placed in high spots to watch for me to see if he continues to work or if he does critter, and so far he just works like a horse.
I usually will do a perimeter as Kaio is doing his "hasty" and if he finds the subject he will return, alert, and refind staying closer to me to lead me to the subject. If he doesn't find them, he will return and either lead me in the direction that he had scent or he will stay near (within 100 yrd's) and continue to search until he does have scent, then he takes off.
I worry about roads and things of that nature, but am concerned with curbing his ranging, as it has so far led to quicker finds that some of our more experienced dogs that do not range as far. But he also has a "contact" command which is his signal to check in with me and make eye contact.
Any way to find a happy medium?

Thanks so much for your input, it really helps me out.


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