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You who train more than one dog

I would like to know how do you manage to do it from a practical perspective. How do you manage your time, trips to training, work on the club etc.

Are those dogs on similar levels or you wait to put one or two titles in one before adding the other(s)?

I ask because the other day I saw this gorgeous sable male crocodile errr.. GSD pup... I fell in love with. But I know too well I'm not ready to another pup right now, financially, time wise and with Diabla's puppyhood too fresh in my memory. But mainly because I've never owned two dogs at the same time, less trained, and I don't picture myself sharing the special bond I get because of the training with more than one dog at the time. I know it is stupid, it is only I'm never been in the situation and in my head it feels like having two boyfriends at the same time and I got curious

How do you manage that? There is always a favorite? One compensate the weakness of the other? Do you ever feel tempted to abandon the training of one because the other is too much better? Do they compete for you and how does it affect them?

Do not only answer me, I want the thread for open discussion about the subject of training more than two dogs in a competitive sport, If you do not do SchH, but Agility, Tracking or Obedience, your answers are welcomed too.

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