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Degenerative Spinal Disease?

I rescued my GSD in 1999. She was probably around 1.5 years old, and had already been spayed. Her previous history is unknown, but I had her hips checked and they were/are good.

In 2006 a vet mentioned that she might be the early stages of a neurological disease for which there is no treatment. She said the disease can progress very fast or very slow. I am almost certain that she said the condition was painless; common in GSDs, and would eventually cause her to lose the use of her back legs, if she did indeed have it. At the time her biggest problem was what appeared to be arthritis, so she went on pain meds. Please note that she was NOT diagnosed with this neurological disease. Basically, since there was no treatment, all we could do was wait.

Recently she's been deteriorating at a much faster rate. I had to her a different vet (we moved) who said she thought that the previous vet probably meant cauda equina syndrome. I looked this up, and although some of the symptoms are pretty convincing (losing muscle mass from back legs, walks with a weird gate, has trouble getting up and some trouble defecating, etc.), Mia does not appear to have sharp pain in her back, legs or tail. She never cries out. AND CAUDA EQUINA IS TREATABLE with surgery and/or prednisolone.

I almost can't believe her previous vet wouldn't have mentioned the prednisolone or surgical treatment option, so I'm wondering if these two vets aren't' talking about two different diseases. The first vet is gone and didn't mention it in her file, so I can't ask her.

Does anyone know any other diseases that might fit the description? What other disease might she have been talking about?
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