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Re: Confused....

What about things where I can see they are right but I'm still not willing to totally give in (compromise maybe)? Am I shooting myself in the foot? For example, I let my dogs play with each other, and I let them play with toys alone or with each other. I've been told close to a half a dozen times now that I should be limiting my dogs' interaction and that toys should only be with me. My compromise was that there are certain toys that only come from me (tugs, rags, balls on strings) and I thought I did a good job making sure Nikon was not dominated as a puppy, or that if he was the one being dominant, I removed him before the other dogs might have corrected him for it (even if deserved). Another thing is the kennel argument. I don't even have a problem kenneling dogs but not everyone lives on an acreage, I live in the city on rented property so a kennel is not even an option for me, but when we travel we've been doing things like have Nikon (and the other dogs) sleep in their kennels in the van or in someone's building (normally he sleeps in a kennel next to my bed). So I can totally understand that yeah, if I crate or kennel Nikon most of the time, the few times I take him out to work he's going to be SUPER happy to be with me and maybe more focused on what we are doing, but I'm just not going to to that. So now my dog is labeled a "pet", which I guess is fine with me because that IS what he is, but I feel like people are waiting for me to come around and decide he's not a pet any more.

Quote:The one person we have come up regularly, who trains and competes at world level - and we love his insight and guidance, tells us to use food OR toy rewards, but never both. Guess what? With Keeta, I still use both, in the same training session, depending what I'm trying to accomplish. And I don't feel that it is either wrong, or right, it just is MY training style.
LOL that reminds me of an instance where I remember being told it's important to do some kind of training almost every day, even just 5-10 minutes at a time, b/c how can we expect results if we don't put in the time? Right? Then the same person who said this brings out a dog and says "oh he's not really focused b/c we haven't worked with him in a few weeks." confusing! "Do as I say, not as I do" I guess?

ETA: ^ I'm not trying to bash anyone, I actually found that quite funny and laughed to myself, but it just illustrates these little things that really confuse people like me that are trying to do it right and be right by my dog.
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