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Re: My heart dog, Scrappy (non GSD)

I am crying as I type this so it may be loaded with errors. I took her to my vet this morning and he thought she was a lot worse than when he operated two weeks ago. He thinks that she will progressively get worse, which I can't even imagine because she is in such bad shape. I fed her before leaving (canned food mixed with water) and she ate most of it and then just basically fell onto her back with her legs stiff in the air. I don't think it can be worse than that. I asked him what is causing her to do that and he said it could be air restriction which makes her pass out. I don't know but it makes me cry. He's going to give her fluids and steroids to make her comfortable, but he doesn't think the prognosis is good at all. He thinks the cancer has continued to spread in her lungs. I'm hoping for just a couple more days with her- that she's comfortable. I know that's selfish. I know it is. I am so partly crushed because when he operated on her he thought she looked really good and said she might make it another six months. That was only two weeks ago. I just wasn't prepared for this. Please pray for us. I feel like I can barely function.
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