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Something is wrong...

with Riddick, my 3 yr old GSD. Ok, in order to not make this too long here is the quick details:

My vet, the only one I trust, is unavailable until monday, the emergency vets here are horrible, they diagnose everything wrong.

Riddick's back legs are seemingly non functioning, just happened today, this morning he got up was walking stiffly, as the day has progressed he has lost all mobility within his rear area. I thought it was his hips as they are sensitive, but I can move them all over the place without them popping and without him whinning or crying. He just can't jump up on the couch anymore, nor can he walk down two stairs without dragging his lower body like a seal, very disturbing to see.

He is not in pain, not that I can tell, as he hasn't wimpered not once today.

He did not do any sort of strenuous excercising, or jumping for a few days, about two days ago he did sprint after my pup, could that have strained his rear legs somehow?

Trying to give you guys all the details, hoping someone has dealt with this before, he was perfectly normal yesterday, walking fine, going up and down the stairs fine, jumping on and off the bed and couch, this issue just hit him today and has gotten worse as the day has gone on.

Any insight would be very much appreciated, my husband and I are helping him go where ever he needs to go, but watching him drag his lower body is horrible, and we can't figure out what is wrong with him. He is getting xrays monday.

The truely puzzling thing is that he doesn't seem to be in any kind of pain at all, and he allows me to manuver his hips around with out a problem. A muscle issue maybe?

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