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Re: risking a human life for a dog

The question was
Quote: Should we expect or even hope that a fireman or Good Samaritan would risk their lives to save our dog?

Expect? -- No, I would not expect that another person would risk their life for *my* dog.
Hope? -- I would hope that someone would go to an extra great effort to save one of my dogs.
Want? --No, I would not want someone to put their life in grave danger for one of my dogs. Such a person's life is much more valuable than the life of any of my dogs.

Now does it happen that people risk their lives for someone else's dog? Yes, it does happen. I've been on scene of a house fire where a firefighter walked through a burning room, fell partially through a floor, and had to be rescued himself because he had seen a dog on the other side of the room.

There are variables and degrees of risk. A situation could be grave but with the proper equipement and training the chance of harm is lessened. When I speak above of risk it is in their cases where the odds are more to the end of the spectrum where a person puts themself into a situation where they could be seriously injured or killed vrs a situation where the chance of serious injury is very low. A firefighter puts his life at risk each and every time he enters a burning structure, but that risk could be very low up to a very high probability.

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