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Re: Turns and finishes for ob. routine ....

Kenya can do either turn and either finish, but her flip turn is cleaner and tighter than going around the back (mind you she is 60lbs max and 21", and she will lag a tad sooner than she will forge and wrap). Her left finish doesn't match the flip, though. Instead of her pivoting her rear into position, she LEAPS in the air and then turns around. In training I've only been doing flip turns, but I do both finishes b/c she started this nasty habit of anticipating the finish. So we've been working on longer front sits, me releasing with no finish, and me using both finishes. The reason I'd use the right finish is she does that one when I say "fuss", so if I can I might as well just use that rather than change "fuss" to mean the left finish (which we've always done just with a hand signal for AKC events).
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